What is the CRDA?

The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority has disbursed about $1.8 billion in casino funding for housing projects and economic development in Atlantic City and other parts of the state.

New outlook: The authority has become a superagency, absorbing other Atlantic City agencies and controlling development, marketing and upkeep of high-traffic tourism areas in the resort.

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What is the DGE?

The Division of Gaming Enforcement acts as an investigative and enforcement agency for the city's casino industry.

New outlook: The DGE will take most of the casino regulatory powers from the CCC, including deciding how the casino registration process occurs and determining casino operating areas and gaming rules.

What is the CCC?

The Casino Control Commission serves as the chief regulatory body for Atlantic City's $3.9 billion casino industry.

New outlook: The CCC is now limited to deciding casino licenses, registrations and certificates. Inspectors are also no longer required to be present on casino floors at all times.

What is the ACCVA?

The Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority controls the united marketing efforts of the Atlantic City region and operates Boardwalk Hall, the Atlantic City Convention Center and two visitor information centers.

New outlook: The ACCVA will be folded into a division of the CRDA, with its workforce potentially being downsized if jobs are duplicated.

What is the ACSID?

The Special Improvement District, founded in 1993, is a nonprofit organization that works to beautify the city to enhance local businesses. It is funded by commercial property owners located within a zone in the city.

New outlook: The ACSID will also be folded into the CRDA and will likely provide much of the public works services with in the Tourism District.



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