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A view of one of the retail areas at Revel Hotel and Casino on Monday.

Dale Gerhard

ATLANTIC CITY – Within hours of Revel opening, young professionals said they think the $2.4 billion mega resort is on track to become the go-to destination for their demographic.

“People my age - and, like 25, 26 - are looking for a party environment, and I think this place is definitely going to provide that,” said Frank Palmisano, 22. “They’re going to attract people who want a higher class experience.”

Palmisano spoke as he stood beside a swimming pool on the outdoor deck five floors above some of Atlantic City’s most iconic views: the ocean, Boardwalk and Steel Pier, more than a century old and home to amusements that at one time included the diving horse attraction.

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He was among the dozens of people strolling Revel’s verandas this morning.

With check-in nearly six hours away, the crowd was made up mainly of guests staying at Resorts, Tropicana, Harrah’s and other local properties who say they’re visiting Revel to satisfy curiosity building since construction started three years ago.

Lisa Viglio, 38, is staying at Resorts, but pushed her 2-year-old son’s stroller down the Boardwalk this morning to check out Revel. Viglio said she can see why the new casino appeals to Palmisano and others their age.

“I could see … a young, hip demographic here. This is cool. Everywhere you look, there are places to sit down and have a drink,” said Viglio, gesturing to modern furniture scattered just inside glass doors overlooking the ocean from the resort’s fifth floor.

Viglio, a nurse visiting from St. John’s, Fla., is originally from Lyndhurst, Bergen County, and visits Atlantic City once or twice every year.

“I think this is gorgeous, stunning – like Vegas-style hotel grandeur. It’s like Borgata, but it’s on the Boardwalk. This has all the grandeur and splendor, but it’s on the beach,” she said.

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