BRIDGETON - Court Administrator Mark Sprock reported Wednesday that air-quality readings taken Tuesday from areas of the Cumberland County Court House affected by last week's flood continue to be within acceptable range.

Samples taken immediately following the flood revealed that air inside the Court House was acceptable, allowing the reopening of the building Friday.

Two swab samples taken last Thursday from the flooded area of the building have come back positive for E. coli and fecal coliform. The latter is a bacteria associated with solid matter.

The lab results indicate the presence of the bacteria alone. The fecal coliform bacteria is specific to water, and was likely carried in with the flood.

Remediation work began immediately after the flood and is continuing with the use of a disinfectant that is highly effective against E. coli and similar bacteria.

Sprock held a series of staff briefings Tuesday at the Court House, in coordination with Cumberland County Administrator Ken Mecouch and Cheryl Polios, Health and Safety Specialist for the Administrative Office of the Courts.

The staff was brought up to date on the cleanup operation in the affected areas, primarily the lower level of the addition and five elevators. Crews have removed and discarded all of the carpeting, along with all furniture and millwork damaged by the Aug. 12 flood.