Emergency food banks are now open to help Cumberland County residents in three municipalities recover from last weekend’s storm.

County officials said the food banks and some cooling stations remain open as about 2,700 customers are still without power amid an ongoing heat spell.

Atlantic City Electric reported about 118 of its Cumberland County customers remained without power, with restoration to most of those properties expected Friday night. Cumberland County officials said about 2,600 Vineland Municipal Electric Utility customers remained without power.

Officials with the Cumberland County Department of Public Safety also want residents to take increased precautions with gasoline-powered generators, some of which have been running for days.

“Generators can get very hot, especially in extreme temperatures,” County spokesman Troy Ferus said.

Meanwhile, county officials said all but one of the roads closed because of storm-related damage and debris are now open. The only road that remains closed is Route 553 between Buckshutem Road and Route 49 in Fairfield Township, they said.

Damage estimates are still being totaled, although Vineland officials said the city suffered about $100 million in damage to public and private property. County officials said Vineland alone suffered damage to at least 3,000 homes. Officials with the Federal Emergency Management Agency are now touring the county to review the damage.

“Recovery continues for Cumberland County,” Freeholder Director Carl Kirstein said. “We’re working as fast as we can with the resources we have and we’re making progress. Everyone has really pulled together and we’ve been able to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.”

Ferus said health officials continue to warn residents — especially those without power — to take precautions when dealing with the ongoing heat wave.

“Their message is to hydrate and drink plenty of fluids,” he said.

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