The majority of residents living in Cumberland County’s Delaware Bay communities apparently heeded warnings and left the storm threatened, low-lying areas.

A member of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office managed to get through to Gandy’s Beach and Money Island in Downe Township and reported that those communities are “deserted,” county spokesman Troy Ferus said.

Ferus said only a few people remain in nearby Fortescue, and those residents are leaving the bayside community, which is also in Downe Township.

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“That is great,” Ferus said.

Fortescue, Gandy’s Beach, Money Island and some of the county’s other Delaware Bay communities feature mostly summer residences. Only a few people live there year-round.

“They usually don’t do it,” Ferus said of getting those residents to evacuate. “We got the word out early.”

That is good, because Ferus said all of most of those communities are now likely under water.

People continue to go to the three shelters opened by the county.

There are a least 50 people at the Cumberland County College shelter in Vineland. Ferus said more than a dozen people are at the Buckshutem Road School shelter in Bridgeton, and another 50 people are at the Cumberland County Technical Education Center shelter in Deerfield Township, Ferus said.

County officials said they expect the numbers to increase as the effects of Hurricane Sandy worsen.

The Cumberland County-operated Cumberland Area Transit System has stopped running its evacuation trips to county shelters.

CATS will begin operating return trips at 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

The county has shelters at Cumberland County College in Vineland, the Buckshutem Road School in Bridgeton, and the Cumberland County Technical Education Center iin Deerfield Township.

The three shelters can accommodate up to 650 people. The number of evacuees that the county college shelter can hold can be increased from 300 to 500.


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