Anderson Sotomayor

BRIDGETON — Anderson Sotomayor, the Vineland man charged with six drunken-driving offenses from April 9 to June 28 in 2012, lost his driving privileges for another 12½ years Friday.

Sotomayor, 46, was sentenced in Superior Court here on three motor vehicle offenses, Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae said.

The sentence imposed by Superior Court Judge Robert G. Malestein on the motor vehicle offenses carried further penalties of 14 days in the Cumberland County jail, 30 days of community service and almost $3,200 in fines, penalties and court costs, she said.

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Sotomayor must also undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation as part of a sentence imposed Friday on two indictable offenses, those being possession of cocaine and contempt, according to Webb-McRae.

Malestein further imposed 5 years of probation on each charge, conditioned on Sotomayor spending 364 days in the county jail, she said.

Last year, Vineland police charged Sotomayor with drunken driving and other offenses that occurred April 9, April 11 and April 25, May 12, May 16 and June 28. The drug possession charge was lodged in connection with the May 16 incident, authorities said.

In August 2012, then-Vineland Municipal Court Judge John Kaspar sentenced Sotomayor to one year in the county jail and revoked his driving privileges for 33 years.

At that time, Sotomayor also pleaded guilty to single counts of refusing to take a breath test, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident and failure to stop at a stop sign. The later two charges were not related to the drunken-driving incidents, but to an April 2, 2012, accident during which Sotomayor hit a bus.

Kaspar also imposed penalties on Sotomayor that included $6,342 in fines and $700 in motor vehicle surcharges.

Sotomayor’s first five drunken-driving arrests prompted some state legislators to propose a bill that would make some drunken-driving offenses criminal acts.

Sotomayor has previous convictions for drunken driving offenses in 1989 and 1992, state Motor Vehicle Commission records show.

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