VINELAND - City Council on Tuesday approved $3.7 million in spending to finance everything from some needed repairs to roofs on municipal buildings to new vehicles for the Police and Fire departments.

City Council also authorized another $40,000 to help finance the installation of additional lighting at the Joseph E. Romano Sports Complex on Maple Avenue.

All the authorizations - contained in a pair of bond ordinances - were approved by a vote of 5-0.

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The $3.7 million package will finance roof repairs to buildings that include the public library on Landis Avenue, Fire Department headquarters on Wood Street and the Patrick Fiorilli Senior Center on Sixth Street.

City officials said parts of the roofs are in bad condition. The one at the library is leaking, they said.

The work at Fire Department headquarters is part of what could be some future renovations.

The city has hired the local firm of Muscelli Marino to monitor what local officials said are small structural cracks in some walls at the headquarters, which is also Station 6. City officials said the building has undergone several repairs during the past 25 years, including having cracks repaired and its foundation strengthened.

Station 6, which houses the city's paid firefighters, is located in one of the more crucial areas of the municipality. The station serves the downtown business district, nearby high-rise buildings and apartment complexes, and some large industrial facilities.

The bond ordinance will also finance the purchase of a new ambulance that will aid what city officials said is the Vineland Emergency Medical Service's aging fleet. The bond ordinance will also buy five new vehicles for the Police Department, Monaco said.

The $40,000 allocated for the sports complex lights will be added to $20,000 being provided by the local Board of Education.

City officials said that funding package could make the municipality eligible to use $57,000 left over from an earlier state Department of Environmental Protection grant. The state said that money could be made available for the project if the city came up with matching funds, they said.

City officials estimated the lighting project to cost about $115,000.

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