Debt-Limit Waiver: Members voted, 285-144, to waive the statutory debt limit until May 19, allowing the Treasury to borrow above the current $16.4 trillion limit until then. A yes vote was to pass a bill that also denies pay for members of Congress if the Senate fails to pass a budget plan as required by law for fiscal 2014 and beyond. (HR 325)

Frank LoBiondo, R-2: YES

Jon Runyan, R-3: YES

Social Security, Medicare: Members defeated, 151-277, a Democratic bid to bar any budget resulting from HR 325 (above) from privatizing Social Security, cutting benefits for veterans or troops, converting Medicare to a voucher plan, cutting Medicaid or reducing guaranteed health-insurance benefits for disabled persons or senior citizens. A yes vote backed the Democratic motion.

LoBiondo: NO

Runyan: NO

Chemical, Biological Attacks: Members voted, 395-29, to renew for five years several post-9/11 programs to develop and deploy medical countermeasures in the event of chemical, biological, radioactive or nuclear attacks against the U.S. A yes vote was to send HR 307 to the Senate.

LoBiondo: YES

Runyan: YES


Filibuster Changes: Senators adopted, 86-9, a rule for the 113th Congress that keeps the 60-vote threshold for ending filibusters but takes marginal steps to make filibusters slightly less of an obstacle to the flow of legislation and nominations on the Senate floor. A yes vote was to adopt S Res 16.

Robert Menendez, D: YES

Frank Lautenberg, D: YES

Source: Voterama in Congress

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