Following are unofficial results in Tuesday's school elections in southern Ocean County. Totals do not include absentee ballots.

* Denotes incumbent

Toms River Township

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Two 3-year seats:

Charles J. Henry Jr. 1,386

Mary K. Gethard 1,605

John 'Jack' Reuther 4,917

Gus Kakavas 4,904

Loreen Reimer* 973

School tax levy: $115,800,000

Yes 5,595

No 2,820

Lacey Township

Two 3-year seats:

Eric J. Schubiger* 1,661

Maureen M. Tirella* 1,611

School tax levy: $37,029,824

Yes 1,368

No 1,052

Ocean Township

Two 3-year seats:

Annette Stride 472

Joseph Tomczuk* 434

School tax levy: $9,331,450

Yes 404

No 239

Barnegat Township

Three 3-year seats:

Bob Houser* 1,494

Gerald Ihnken 991

Elaine Taylor* 1,435

Rafael Adorno Jr.* 1,364

Scott Bilker 886

Kelly Ford - 976

School tax levy:$24,229,720

Yes 1,325

No 1,104

Stafford Township

Three 3-year seats:

Susan M. Spaschak 1,335

Bretty J. Novick 600

Christine English 1,093

Gregory Quille* 739

Tammy T. Nicolini* 1,192

John Mastandrea 631

School tax levy: $22,729,674

Yes 1,670

No 957

Eagleswood Township

Two 3-year seats:

Michael Pasternak 101

Laura Disanzo 70

One 1-year seat:

Jan Blum* 160

School tax levy: $1,525,743

Yes 148

No 66

Tuckerton Borough

Two 3-year seats:

Diane Disbrow* 209

Michael Duignan* 171

School tax levy: $2,303,802

Yes 145

No 103

Little Egg Harbor Township

Three 3-year seats:

Charlene Smith* 1,008

Carmine J. Cimino* 893

Write-in 282 (winner's name will not be released until next Monday when all ballots are counted)

School tax levy: $10,130,824

Yes 887

No 978

Beach Haven Borough

One 3-year seat:

Sandra T. Close* 113

School tax levy: $1,348,177

Yes 115

No 59



School tax levy: $5,456,313

Yes 573

No 550

Long Beach Township

One 3-year seat:

Jennifer Larkin 319

Surf City Borough

One 3-year seat:

Kristy Raber 107

Maryann O'Donnell* 99

Ship Bottom Borough

One 3-year seat:

Heather Henry* 128

One 2-year seat:

Lloyd Little* 124


School tax levy: $16,646,284

Yes 1,198

No 1,168

Little Egg Harbor Township

One 3-year seat:

Richard J. Tullo* 1016

Peter Ferwerda, III 478

One 1-year seat

Steven P. Hultz* 748

John Bellone 619

Eagleswood Township

One 3-year seat:

Karen Poklikuha 91

Linda D. Blum* 132



School tax levy: $36,735,660

Yes 2,199

No 1,679

Stafford Township

Three 3-year seats:

Keith Weidenhof* 1,534

Steven Berkheiser 1520

Christopher Taylor* 1684

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