Long Beach Island officials say sightseers on their beaches are creating safety issues and will not be tolerated.

Long Beach Township Mayor Joseph Mancini said that homeowners and residents on Long Beach Island are to stay off the beach.

Beach Haven Emergency Management coordinator Bill Tromm also said that people need to stay off the beaches or they will be arrested.

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Long Beach Township police are starting to remove sightseers from beaches.

Township Police Chief Michael Bradley said police will arrest anyone who refuses to leave.

Police are also asking residents to stay off secondary roads and use Long Beach Boulevard as they make their way around the island.

Bradley said that unless residents live on those secondary roads, or need them to get to their homes, they should stay off Ocean Boulevard, Beach Avenue and Atlantic Avenue.

"We're looking for community support and cooperation," Bradley said, "and the less support and cooperation we get, there will be more restrictions."

The island continues to be under unsafe conditions, Mancini said. There is no heat, no potable water and debris continues to be removed with heavy equipment in every area.

“People are out there taking pictures and they need to stay off the beach. They shouldn’t be up there,” Mancini said.

Mancini added that looting has taken place and although police are patrolling with an increased population on LBI authorities are not sure who are the homeowners and who are the looters now, which makes for a precarious situation.

“We are at 40 percent capacity right now because of people being over here. We have heavy equipment everywhere working around people. It’s a dangerous situation here,” he said.

Another dangerous condition on LBI is the continued potential for structure fires as power continues to be restored.

Several structures caught fire in Ship Bottom last week when power was restored there, said Ship Bottom Mayor William Huelsenbeck.

“We have concerns with people here that once they’re turning on their breakers we could have fires start,” he said.

The possibility of homes collapsing that are not structurally sound all over the island continues to be a concern for officials here with people coming back to the island today, he said.

"People could get seriously hurt. It's just not safe. Everyone needs to be careful," he said.

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