STAFFORD TOWNSHIP— Mayor John Spodofora and Councilman Henry Mancini announced they will run on the same ticket for a special election Nov. 8.

Spodofora and Mancini announced that they have submitted their petitions and are certified to be on the ballot for the township’s special election in November. 

Spodofora and Mancini are running together on the “Preserving Our Future” ticket.

The pair said in a statement that in addition to bringing new ideas and programs to Stafford Township, they hope to continue to foster the spirit of cooperation and community involvement that has occurred since they have been appointed to their respective positions. 

Spodofora, a former councilman of 25 years was appointed to the mayoral position after former mayor John McMenamin was ousted from the office by a vote of council. The council determined McMenamin no longer lived in the township after he purchased on home in Surf City.

When Spodofora left his councilman seat, Mancini was appointed to the position by a vote of the council.

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