Southwest winds will allow temperatures to warm nicely throughout the rest of the week, soaring through the 70s then well into the 80s by Wednesday and Thursday.  The shore will be noticeably cooler thanks to breezes off the cooler Atlantic Ocean.

No more frost. Check.

No more coastal storms. Check.

No rain in the forecast through the weekend. Checkmate.

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It’s time for a meteorologist to sit back, put his feet up, and revel in a mostly sunny, dry and pleasant forecast that features a long overdue, and I presume very welcome, warming trend.

Sure, temperatures and winds will vary each day, and wind direction will be pivotal in determining just how much cooler the shore will be. However, if that’s the biggest challenge confronting meteorologists in South Jersey this week, then we must be doing just fine weather-wise.

You’ll begin to feel a surge of warmth Tuesday, courtesy of southwest winds that will increase not only the temperatures but also the humidity levels as the week progresses.

We’re not talking about stifling mid-summer heat and humidity, but it will certainly be somewhat sticky, especially compared to the prolonged stretch of cool and damp weather we just wrapped up.

Southwest winds do exert a cooling influence on our barrier islands, so we can naturally expect the shore to be noticeably cooler than the mainland Wednesday and Thursday as the heat peaks.

While highs could very well flirt with 90 degrees in the pinelands, the shore will be a solid 15 to 20 degrees cooler as Mother Nature’s air conditioner, the sea breeze, goes to work.

By Friday, however, that sea breeze shuts off as winds shift around and come off the land to wrap up the week. Presuming that’s the case, Friday could end up being the warmest beach day if you’re so inclined, as shore and mainland locales both climb above 80.

The winds shift again just in time for next weekend, likely coming from the east off the 55-degree water of the Atlantic. As a result, our temperatures will slowly ease lower, closer to where we expect to find them in mid-to-late May.

With dry weather forecast, it could be our first entirely nice weekend in more than a month, as our next chance of any rain should hold off until next Monday.

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Broadcast meteorologist for 15 years (Marquette, Michigan; Burlington, VT; Albany, NY; South Jersey). NBC40 Chief meteorologist from December 2003 through December 2014. Press meteorologist since January 2015

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