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Township Council introduced an ordinance that would adopt a redevelopment plan so they would have some control on the look of a proposed Dollar General. 

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — Township Council introduced an ordinance Tuesday night that would give local leaders some control over the look of a proposed Dollar General.

The ordinance would adopt a redevelopment plan for the area where the store would sit, near Pomona Road and the White Horse Pike.

This will be the third Dollar General in the township, with one on South New York Road and another farther east on the pike.

“Doing this redevelopment, we have certain controls over aesthetics to make the building a little bit more aesthetically pleasing,” Township Manager Chris Johansen said.

They’ve already spoken with the developer, who will try to match the look of a store in Cape May, Mayor Anthony J. Coppola Jr. said.

“This was a permitted use in the area,” Coppola said. “They could have went and built their store. We’re putting the redevelopment plan in place so we can have a little more control over the architecture.”

“Without these redevelopment plans in place, we have no control over that,” he added.

“When choosing a new store location, we are always respectful of community concerns,” Mary Kathryn Colbert, Public Relations Manager for Dollar General, said in a statement.

There will be no agreement for tax relief between the township and the store, Johansen said.

“We’re not doing a tax break for a dollar store,” Coppola said.

In tandem, a resolution was passed that authorizes the Planning Board to review the redevelopment plan and report its findings to the governing body within 45 days.

The redevelopment plan must be adopted before the site plans go to the Planning Board for approval. A public hearing on the ordinance will take place April 10.

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