Despite several significant brush fires in the northern part of the state earlier this month, the southern part of the state is not facing a significant threat.

Through April 6 there have been 213 reported wildfires this year, compared to 230 through the same time last year.

The state maintains roughly a dozen watch towers in South Jersey to spot potential fires.

Last week the National Weather Service issued an alert for most of the state, warning that high winds could result in more wildfires.

But the potential fire risk will likely decrease over the next few days.

A front will move through the area on Tuesday and bring rain, keeping the area damp for the next few days, according to Jim Bunker, observing program leader for the National Weather Service.

“We’re looking at anywhere from ¾ of an inch to 1 ¾ of an inch,” he said. "It's nothing unusual, it should get us back down to where normally are this time of year."