A mostly sunny day is forecast for Thursday, but it will still be breezy and unseasonably cold for mid-March with highs only in the mid to upper 30s. Those brisk winds will add an extra chill.

There is no doubt we were all spoiled by the warmest February on record in South Jersey, and lured by the warm sunshine into thinking winter was over.

Apparently, the month of March has different ideas.

Sure, our recent nor’easter was wet and not white, but we’ve seen coatings of snow twice so far this month. It’s nowhere near the 35 inches of snow that the aforementioned winter storm deposited farther inland. However, having the mere mention of snow in the forecast or having to use the phrase “single-digit wind chills” with just four days until spring certainly dispels the early spring idea.

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We are halfway through the fickle month of March, and just five of the first 15 days have brought warm weather to South Jersey. The other 10 have been either chilly or unseasonably cold, and our Thursday will fall into the latter category.

Unlike Wednesday, we should climb above the freezing mark of 32 degrees. Mind you, that’s a small feat since our average high should be in the low 50s. But every warming trend has to start somewhere.

I expect a good-looking day with mostly sunny skies. However, those biting and brisk northwesterly breezes will be back for another day and should keep wind chills below freezing for the sixth straight day.

We’ll use a little Irish luck Friday to continue the slow warming trend, inching up above 40 degrees, as well as holding onto some sunshine.

Then comes the last weekend of winter, when we may take a step or two backward. I’m not expecting a coastal storm or an arctic blast. However, a weather system will pass through over the weekend and likely bring us some Saturday rain showers, although I don’t foresee a washout. As that system develops over the ocean it will bring down some cooler and breezy weather for the second half of the weekend, and I can’t entirely rule out a few snow showers Sunday morning.

Spring officially begins Monday at 6:28 a.m. Here’s hoping Mother Nature strictly adheres to the calendar and doesn’t bring us any April snow, like in 2016.

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