Our summer preview continues for a few more days, with near 90° heat on the mainland, and cooler 70s along the shore with daily sea-breezes.  By the weekend, it will be cooler 60s for all as the winds shift and the warmth departs.

Summer may still officially be a little over a month away, but South Jersey is in the midst of a 72-hour summer preview that will continue through Friday.

That preview comes complete with abundant sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures that probably even qualify as hot, certainly for mid-May. You may even notice some higher humidity over the next day or two, far from oppressive but sticky by spring standards.

That summer preview is only showing on the mainland, however, as the shore will continue to feel the effects of a cooling sea breeze. Some consider it a blessing, keeping the warmth away from the islands, while others wanting a warm May beach day, minus the summer crowds, think of it in less favorable terms.

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No matter your point of view, southwest winds off the water will create a sharp contrast each of the next two days. On the mainland, backyard thermometers will soar to near 90 degrees, while shore temperatures remain steadfast in the 70s.

Outside of the small chance of a Friday evening thunderstorm, the forecast is a dry one through the weekend.

However, a wind shift will lead to some dramatic temperature changes by Saturday and Sunday, especially for the areas basking in the steamy sunshine now.

Easterly winds will come directly off the cooler 58-degree ocean, leading to some much cooler highs this weekend for all. While partly sunny and pleasant, everyone from the pinelands to the islands should remain in the mid to upper 60s, in some cases a 25-degree difference compared to our current warmth.

So take your pick South Jersey, summery warmth or comfortably cool? You’ll have both over the next four days.

But if it’s something in between you prefer, say the low to mid 70s, Mother Nature has you covered early next week. Our next chance for appreciable rain for the area comes Monday, with perhaps another chance later next week.

I don’t see another summery surge coming back by Memorial Day, so if it’s warmth you crave, soak it up now.

while it’s here for the next 48 hours.

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