Mainly cloudy skies are expected on Saturday with some spotty light rain or scattered rain showers possible.  That light rain may end as a little light snow late Saturday night, but accumulations if any would be a coating or less.  Easterly winds around 10-15mph and highs in the mid 40s are expected. 

According to the calendar, this winter runs from Dec. 21 through March 20. But meteorologically, our winter was much shorter this year.

I could probably make a case that winter came in two spurts this season, the first from Jan. 5 through 10, when we had both our only areawide snowstorm and the coldest shot of air this year. The second surge of winter has been the past week, complete with a nor’easter, biting winds and unseasonably cold air, all made especially cruel after the monthlong warmth we were spoiled with in February.