Clearing skies and drier weather expected on Wednesday

Brighter and drier weather will be the rule for Wednesday in South Jersey, with any morning clouds giving way to partly to mostly sunny skies. Highs will still be fairly mild for late March and in the low 60s.

Courtesy: AccuWeather.Com

Those of you anxious for summer have been treated to an early preview over the last few days of the weather likely to come in a few months.

Saturday, it was record warmth and some rare 80-degree heat. Then Tuesday, it was several rounds of raucous thunderstorms and torrential downpours that rumbled through South Jersey.

Throw in a roller coaster temperature ride, and it’s certainly been an active and changeable stretch of weather that would support the idea that March appears to be going out like a lion.

A soaking rain Friday, the final day of the month, further makes that case. But before we contend with what looks like a soggy end to the week, we’ll first welcome a pair of brighter and drier days.

Any early morning clouds should give way to increasing sunshine Wednesday, with comfortably mild highs just above 60 degrees, still slightly above average for late March.

We’ll see the reverse Thursday, as the day will start off with sunshine and likely finish with increasing clouds. While winds will be light, they will originate off the ocean, which means cooler highs in the low 50s despite plenty of sun.

Then comes our wet ending to March, as Friday looks to be fairly close to a washout with periods of rain developing, likely lasting into Friday night.

One to two inches of a soaking rain means a wet end to the work and school week, but most of you probably won’t mind as long as the weekend has brighter and drier prospects.

It’s about the time of year when increasing pressure is on meteorologists to ensure nice weekend weather, as the number of outdoor events quickly rises as spring unfolds.

Sunday still looks to be the better weekend day overall with sunshine from start to finish.

However, I’m a little more optimistic that most of the rain will be over by Saturday, although some showers and clouds may linger into at least part of the morning.

The next round of what could also be a steady rain arrives next Tuesday, as an active pattern likely persists through the first half of April.

For a look at all the types of severe weather that spring and summer can bring to South Jersey, visit the Press Weather Center.

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