Charlie Sheen talks to fans Saturday night at the Mark Etess Arena at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City. Press photo by Tom Briglia

Winning? Well, sort of.

With a steady stream of F-bombs, drug jokes, and one of his two porn-star girlfriends in tow, Charlie Sheen brought his inaccurately named "My Violent Torpedo of Truth - Defeat is Not an Option" tour to the Mark Etess Arena at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort on Saturday night.

Now at the halfway mark of his tour, Sheen has retooled his act following walkouts and negative press in several cities.

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Initially, the Atlantic City crowd seemed to be in, well, Sheen's corner. Making his grand entrance by walking through the crowd and high-fiving audience members, Sheen took to the stage 45 minutes late to wild cheers and screams of "Winning!"

"How are we (expletive) doing?" Sheen asked the crowd. "Sorry, I'm (expletive) late. That's how I roll."

From there, Sheen launched into a semi-monologue of drug jokes and nasty digs on ex-wife Brooke Mueller, and had the crowd laughing consistently for the first 15 to 20 minutes.

But by the end, the auditorium was emptying out with Sheen still on stage talking.

"Brutal," one man muttered as he headed for the exit.

"I want a refund!" a random man in the crowd shouted.

Sheen pulled a wad of cash out of his jacket pocket and peeled away what appeared to be a $100 bill.

"Get up here right now, Capt. (expletive) Courage," Sheen said to wild cheers. The man, surprisingly, walked up to the stage, accepted the cash and left the arena.

"So long, dude," Sheen said. "Hope it was (expletive) worth it. Now it's free."

Barely 35 minutes into the show, and the crowd was turning. This was clearly the tipping point for Sheen - the time when his ramblings start to go off the rails and cross over into unfunny territory.

Cue Jeffrey Ross.

The well-known Comedy Central comedian, known as "The Roastmaster General," suddenly appeared on stage in a HAZMAT suit and surgical mask.

"I heard there was a bomb scare," Ross deadpanned. "I came here as fast as I could."

"Consider this a comedy intervention" Ross told the audience, who seemed appreciative as Ross reached the podium.

And it was.

Ross proceeded to whip Sheen, and deliver a string of zingers that reminded the crowd what a funny monologue sounds like.

"It's great to be here at the ‘Apparently the Novelty Hasn't Worn Off' tour," Ross said to laughter. "Two and a Half Men is the amount of people left in the audience after your shows."

"Charlie Sheen is to standup comedy as Larry Flynt is to standing up," Ross said. "You've got a lot of guts coming up here with no (expletive) act."

On his Detroit show: "That show was such an abortion, Planned Parenthood lost their funding," Ross said. "Mubarak has a better chance of getting his job back."

After Sheen's well-publicized antics, that may have been the one truth told during the show.

But once Ross exhausted his list of one-liners, there was a feeling of air being let out of a balloon. Ross sat down with Sheen to ask him a few questions, ultimately about his sexual and drug-fueled exploits.

But one hour into the show, the crowd had had their fill of drug jokes and tired catch phrases.

Clearly out of material, Sheen called up a member of the crowd who could play the harmonica to join him on stage.

People began walking out en masse. The show ended a little after 10 p.m. with barely a wave and a "Thanks for coming" from Sheen.

Looks like Sheen's 15 minutes of playing crazy are up.



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