Abby Stout hugs her brother Daniel after surprising him with a new hamster.

Rachel Stout

Last week, the Stout household had two dogs, three fish a cat and a hamster. This week, the family added a new member to call the cozy North Cape May house home.

That new member, and the reaction to it becoming part of the family, has now become a popular video that has been picked up by multiple media outlets and has amassed over 180,000 views as of Tuesday night.

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Abby Stout, who is a six-year-old kindergartener at David C. Douglass Veterans Memorial School, wanted to do something nice for her older brother Daniel after she received a hamster and money for her birthday on Feb. 4. Knowing that he wanted a hamster of his own, Abby decided that she would surprise Dan by getting him the hamster that he had been doing extra chores to save up for.

“I got him a hamster because I wanted to do something nice for him,” Abby said. “It’s gigantic but it’s a baby and it has gigantic poop.”

The new hamster, named Cubby, became an instant hit for Dan.

His reaction to receiving Cubby was recorded by their mother Rachel Stout, which depicted the loving relationship the siblings have for each other by the form of a hug and Daniel crying tears of joy.

“They are like that so frequently with each other,” Rachel said. “If one sleeps out the other one is always asking when they’re coming back.”

That video has now gone viral.

“I thought it would just be a couple people [looking at it],” Abby said. “And then it turned into our whole family and random people.”

Not only did their whole family see it, but both children said that some of their friends and teachers at school had also seen the video. While blushing, Dan also mentioned that the lunch ladies had also come up to him to tell them they saw it.

While it is now in the national spotlight, the original intent of the video was for Rachel to show her husband, who is also named Dan, their son’s reaction to Abby’s surprise. Dan, who is the manager of Cappy’s Pizza in Cape May, said that he sometimes has to work extremely long hours and that his wife sends him videos of the kids all the time.

“I just put it on [Facebook] because I figured my family thought it would be cute,” Rachel said. “And then from there it just went off. It just kept going up and up.”

And although Abby and Dan are thrilled to have their hamsters, there is another animal that Abby wants: a puppy.

“I’m getting a puppy one day,” Abby said as she jumped off the couch with excitement.

“Not until you’re moving out,” Rachel quickly replied.


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