Good morning! Jonathan Carr here filling in for Joe Martucci. He is expected to be back next week.

The next seven days should feature transitional weather. First, we’re going to warm up for the weekend before temperatures fall to slightly below average Monday through Thursday.

There are several key atmospheric drivers for this anticipated pattern. The upper level jet stream will be far to our north this weekend. A large and strong area of high pressure, centered over Louisiana, will re-enforce this jet positioning. Upper level physics indicate strong ridging over the eastern U.S. and Canada through Sunday night. This means a taller and warmer atmosphere overall, and we will feel that Saturday and Sunday.

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A transient Canadian trough swings through between Sunday night and Wednesday. Because the upper levels take longer to extrapolate to the lower levels, this keeps South Jersey on the cooler side from Monday through Thursday.

For the weekend, I see no reason why afternoon high temperatures shouldn’t reach into the lower 80s away from the ocean. Immediate coastal areas should be capped in the upper-70s. During this period, overnight low temperatures should stay above 60 for most.

By late Sunday night, definitely by Monday morning, a cold front is expected through the region from northwest to southeast. This should set the stage for afternoon high temperatures to remain capped in the 60s. Overnight low temperatures away from the ocean could fall into the 40s and possibly even the 30s for Pine Barren regions and near 50, maybe lower 50s along the immediate coast.

Isolated-to-scattered showers are possible Friday and Saturday. There might be some frontal precipitation, with a micro-chance of embedded thunderstorms later Sunday night when the actual front plows through.

These transient back-and-forth conditions are typical for our region this time of year, especially during a weak La Nina state.

Have a great Friday!

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