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    3 Factors That Impact Homeowner Happiness

    (Family Features) It is said that as you get older you become wiser, but as homeowners grow older, do they become happier? According to a nationwide homeowner happiness survey conducted by HomeAdvisor, the answer is yes. This was the case of Bob and Joanie Johnson, who dropped their youngest child off at college in August 2015.

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    How to Conquer Tough Financial Times

    (Family Features) Even the most savvy money handlers can fall on hard times when unexpected circumstances push your budget beyond its limits. These ideas may help you emerge from a tough financial situation and get back on track.

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    3 Simple Rules for Healthy, Happy Eggs

    (Family Features) When you head to the grocery store for organic eggs, you assume a certain level of quality in how your eggs were produced. While there are standards and requirements that companies follow in labeling their eggs, the standards lack regulation and don't truly reflect whether or not hens are treated humanely.