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Flight Tracking

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    Crave a fun, illuminating vacation? Visit a lighthouse!

    (BPT) - Long before global positioning devices made it possible for ships of all sizes to independently sail with confidence anywhere in the world, lighthouses and lighthouse keepers protected the safety of seafarers. Today, ships use other methods for navigation, but lighthouses remain an important part of America’s maritime heritage. Across the country, lighthouses have been converted into museums, living history centers and even hotels.

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    5 ways to save on summer fun

    (BPT) - Summer is a time to get out and enjoy yourself, and you can find plenty of ways to have fun without breaking the bank. Follow these five tips for straight summer savings:

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    Keeping Kids' Brains From Going On Vacation During Summer Break

    (NAPSI)—With millions of children across the U.S. on summer break, now is an important time to focus on the year-round support kids need to ensure their development doesn't go on vacation.