Hamilton traffic woes

“And that’s why I can’t afford to live in my house anymore.”

Flounder size limits reduce breeding females

Addiction-drug hurdles

Facebook abets violence

U.S. leadership insane

“It should include an audit of all NJ Transit expenses to explain why they have to charge such high fares.”

If you live in tax hell — New York, Illinois, California, New Jersey or Connecticut — paying your state and local taxes could soon become even more painful. Congressional Republicans and President Trump have plans to lower federal tax rates for almost everyone and simplify tax rules. All goo…

Since responding to an allegedly government-led chemical weapons attack with a missile strike on a Syrian air base earlier this month, the administration of President Donald Trump has offered conflicting messages about its ultimate goal in Syria.

Following the U.S. military response to a chemical weapons attack in Syria earlier this month, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sat for an interview with ABC News and was asked about the prospect of forcefully removing Syrian President Bashar Assad from office.

New Jersey is on the verge of a mental health crisis. Under the governor’s new funding formula as proposed in the fiscal 2018 budget, community-based mental health providers would lose significant state funding — funds that have traditionally made it possible for them, including us at Cape C…

Among the many shameful legacies of racial discrimination and segregation in the United States is the fact that African-Americans make up a disproportionate share of both those who are victims of violent crimes and those who are incarcerated for committing them.

Picture a public entity in Atlantic County that loses 35 percent of its ratable base from 2011 to 2016, yet increases its spending by 25 percent. The result is a punishing tax rate hike of 48 percent at a time when unemployment in the county is at staggering levels and the region leads the c…

The crisis with North Korea may appear trumped up. It’s not.

The Philadelphia Eagles picked Tennessee defensive end Derek Barnett in the first round of the NFL draft Thursday night. Did they get it right?

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Should Atlantic City privatize its trash collection?

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What should the Eagles do in the draft?

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Which comics project announced last week are you most excited for?

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South Jersey has four of 10 districts with the highest median teacher salaries in the state. Are teacher salaries fair?

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