Health care for everyone

“A.C. needs this badly. Just don’t rip off the fans and the performers.”

Christian values lacking

A.C. teachers must share in painful cuts

“I’m never for cutting anything involving public safety, but this city needs to get serious about excessive payroll and benefits.”

Toughing out the ‘storm’

NJ Audubon supports act protecting species

I’m a big believer in the importance of rituals. They provide an important method for the transmission of priorities, meaning and respect in any society. Where I think civilizations run into trouble is when they don’t recognize a ritual for what it is.

In our conversations, whether political, public or private, we seem to be increasingly belligerent, uncivil and unrelenting, determined to crush the opposition rather than listen to the other side.

The U.S. Constitution makes President Donald Trump the commander in chief. The responsibility of raising and maintaining a military, however, was assigned by the Founding Fathers to Congress.

Globalists and Democrats shrieked last week when President Donald Trump proposed cutting American funding for the United Nations by 50 percent. The president dismisses the U.N. as a “waste of time and money.”

The theme that unites Donald Trump’s major initiatives so far is their unnecessary cruelty.

President Donald Trump’s nomination of Scott Gottlieb to be the next commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration is a hopeful sign that the FDA’s illogical tobacco product regulations may soon end.

After 70 years spent largely skating free of consequences for his puerile misbehaviors and diarrheal mouth, he likely found it something of a shock. Seven decades is a long time, after all, and if the so-called president has learned nothing else in those years, he has learned this: Accountab…

The Phillies finished 71-91 in 2016. Will they be better this season?

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Did you like the new 'Justice League' trailer?

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Do you think hip-hop music could help better AC?

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What do you think of the new Monopoly pieces?

Monopoly is making changes: The boot has been booted, the wheelbarrow has been wheeled out, and the thimble got the thumbs down in the latest version of the board game. In their place this fall will be a Tyrannosaurus rex, a penguin and a rubber ducky.

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The state Attorney General’s Office has no official guidelines on whether law-enforcement agencies can identify officers in shootings by police. Should those officers be identified?

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