Public needs to demand pipeline’s cleaner air

Courts should end blocking of casinos

State, union, red tape not good for Atlantic City

State funding of schools would cut property taxes

Dems should advocate for working-class people

Cohen’s hatred, anger disturbing, dangerous

Public servants must serve public, not selves

Dear Mr. President:

Nobody thinks Margaret Thatcher’s claim on posterity is that she was Britain’s first female prime minister. Admirers and critics alike know she was more consequential than that. Barack Obama was America’s first black president, which is a huge thing and a fine thing. But when you’ve said tha…

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who has primary oversight responsibilities in the U.S. House, styles himself a zealous believer in executive-branch accountability and an advocate of state- and local-government authority.

Get those gas transmission pipelines through the N.J. Pine Barrens by whatever means possible, and as soon as possible! Doesn’t matter that CURE believes the application by South Jersey Gas is in violation of the federally and state executed Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP); doesn’t matte…

Many conservatives who once found Donald Trump unpalatable have come around to accept him. Most famously, Mitt Romney once excoriated Trump as dishonest, “a phony, a fraud,” and condemned his bullying, greed, showing off and misogyny. After the presidential election, however, Romney praised …

The political class is still coming to grips with what appears to be Donald Trump’s novel management philosophy: Government by Twitter. Put aside the by-now-familiar weirdness of the president-elect’s gloating over Arnold Schwarzenegger’s poor “Celebrity Apprentice” ratings or swipes at Mery…

It’s disgraceful that we’re still debating how to fix the dysfunctional Department of Veterans Affairs health care system. It ought to be shut down.

Do you think Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

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At least 217 people were arrested for rioting during President Donald Trump's inauguration. Did the protests get out of hand?

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The Sixers had won seven of their past nine rntering Friday night's game at home against Portland. Do you think they will make a run at .500 and the eighth playoff spot in the East?

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Did you like President Trump's inauguration speech?

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A recent report concluded South Jersey is far less likely to receive funding from the state than North and Central Jersey. Does South Jersey get its fair share?

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