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Many people are to blame for the rise of Donald Trump as a political force, and most of them reside on my side of the aisle. But that story is familiar by now.

Terrorism has emerged once again as the central issue in the presidential campaign - but not in a way anyone expected. In the wake of attacks last week in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have accused each other of being the candidate Islamic terrorists prefer.

Maybe, in the upcoming nationally televised debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, he will say something that infuriates her, causing her to crazily spout a sentence backwards, put her thumb on her nose, wiggle her fingers and then spit on his golden hair.

As the chairwoman of the No North Jersey Casinos Coalition, I take issue with many of the points in Jeffrey Gural's Sept. 13 guest commentary, "Revitalizing A.C. requires gaming expansion."

With the summer season coming to a close, we are reminding the public that New Jersey has been aggressively responding to the potential threat of the Zika virus since early this year. This remains a priority as we learn more about Zika and continue to collaborate with our partners in a unifi…


Even if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election in November, the 2016 campaign still could have profoundly negative consequences for a generation of girls exploring their own leadership potential. To be sure, electing the first female president would show American girls that women tru…

The Eagles are 3-0 after their 34-3 rout of the highly regarded Steelers. Do you think Philly will go at least 6-7 the rest of the way to ensure a winning record?

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Do the recent high-profile shootings in South Jersey make you feel less safe?

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The Atlantic City Free Public Library maintains a graphic novel collection of about 1,000 books. Have you ever checked out comics through a library?

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After years of denials by Gov. Chris Christie, a prosecutor in the Bridgegate case says the governor had been told about the lane closings while they were happening. Do you believe the governor had nothing to do with it?

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Philadelphia Eagles players plan some sort of protest during the national anthem before Monday night's game against the Chicago Bears. Will this affect your enjoyment of the game?

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