Straub license unneeded

“The sign could go to the “Neon Boneyard” in Las Vegas.”

Tax on A.C. hotel rooms would keep tourists safe

Veterans board keeps vet groups well-informed

Bayside bulkheads would be worth the cost

Nation needs 2 parties and work toward healing

Motorsports noise foe criticizes complaint list

Republicans opposed the Department of Education from its beginning and regularly threaten to abolish it now, arguing that educational policy should be reserved to the states. Two respected Democrats also objected to the department’s creation almost 40 years ago. New York Sen. Daniel Moynihan…

It is the mission of the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce to be the champion for the business community through the strength of legislative advocacy, member services and educational programs. As advocates for over 800 members we represent, the chamber fully supports projects that improve …

My brother sent this email to me: “My bed is a magical place where I can suddenly remember everything I was supposed to do.”

Accused of misleading officials about possibly illegal pre-inaugural dealings with the Russians, National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned just hours after White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said President Donald Trump had “full confidence” in him.

Let’s talk about the overblown reporting on how the Trump administration is already crippled.

Controversial executive orders have been a hallmark of Donald Trump’s young presidency, but it’s worth noting that there is one that he has so far refrained from issuing. During the presidential campaign, Trump said he would “defund” — that is, stop providing federal funding to — Planned Par…

The resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn grew out of Department of Justice concerns that he had violated the Logan Act, a law from 1799(!) that bars private citizens from engaging in international diplomacy. The law as written applied to Flynn even though he was working for…

Would you want another reality show set at the Jersey Shore?

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Will Marvel's 'Generations' be a hard reboot?

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Would you get a tattoo of your loved one's name?

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Sixers rookie Joel Embiid has not played in a couple of weeks due to a knee injury but danced onstage Friday at a Meek Mill concert in Philly. Was that a bad decision?

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Would you watch a show based on a New Jersey town?

Amy Poehler is set to produce a show for HBO on the town of Edison, New Jersey. Would you watch it?

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