Teacher criticism faulty

“Must have been 300 or more that flowed over. ... Neighbors worked together to save as many as possible.”

Air traffic control plan would hurt tech center

Little Egg Harbor needs marsh/dredging plan

Fee-for-service could cut mental health services

Lots of A.C. suggestions

Extend vet caregiver aid

It’s the end of the world as we know it — at least that’s what some people would have us believe about President Trump’s education budget.

At a roundtable discussion with state transportation officials recently, Donald Trump said America’s aging roads, bridges, railways and water systems were being “scoffed at and laughed” at. He vowed that they “will once again be the envy of the world.”

The entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley are undoubtedly finding many ways to make the world a better place — with tunnels, flying cars, interplanetary travel. Yet I can’t help noticing a growing divide between the problems people have and the problems tech companies are willing or able to solve.

Flying today is not much different than a decade ago, yet as air travel demands have exponentially increased, service and reliability flounder. Our current aviation system, while the world’s safest, is not the most efficient, costing consumers and the economy billions in delayed departures, …

In the tear-stained hours after last week’s baseball field shootings, House Chaplain Patrick J. Conroy sounded the right note as he said in his opening prayer, “We are blessed by a free and open society. … But once again, we are reminded there is a vulnerability that comes with that openness.”

You knew it was coming.

If it had not been for two brave police officers, a lunatic leftist may just possibly have wiped out every player on a House Republican baseball team. And, yes, both political parties have since said let’s calm things down.

New Ken dolls will come in a variety of races, body shapes and hairstyles, including the dreaded "man bun." Would you let your kid play with a man-bun Ken?

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DC's new "Dark Days" story features art by industry legends Jim Lee, Andy Kubert and John Romita Jr. Will this attract new readers?

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Did you like the first "Black Panther" trailer?

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The state recently rewrote Atlantic City's rules regarding rolling chairs to increase city oversight. Is that necessary?

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Do you agree with President Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord?

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