“Good riddance to the tackiest thing on the A.C. boardwalk!”

Sharon Molly

“You must be crazy! The tackiest things on that board-walk are those horrid shops!”

Ruth Fenn

‘Trump Taj Mahal’s transformation into new Hard Rock casino continues’

“I work there and worked throughout the quarantine. I’m fine. We took care of our veterans ... trust me ... we take good care of them. The quarantine was lifted yesterday ... we are now back to normal.”

Teresa Diaz Arrieta

‘Vineland Veterans Memorial Home on quarantine due to norovirus outbreak’

“Well let’s get to work!”

Jordan Thomas

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‘New York-based group eyes Atlantic City project’

“I have to say congratulations Mr. Risley you’re a fine man. But also to Miss Witherspoon who has been the perfect lady, and a woman of God.”

Joe O’Donoghue

‘Risley defeats Witherspoon for final Atlantic County freeholder at-large seat’

“God Bless this good Samaritan, you know God has that man. So So sad ... I hope this idiot gets what he deserves.”

Aundrea Wallace

‘Mays Landing man charged with aggravated manslaughter’

“Nothing but #greed”

Maryemma Cherry

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‘Galloway drug rep pleads guilty to health care fraud, becoming 11th conspirator’

“Will she be using Daddy’s tax returns as a visual aid?”

Cliff John

‘Ivanka Trump to appear in Ocean County Monday to promote tax reform’

“I agree with Mayor Chau’s suggestions. Subtle memorials are fine, but let’s not turn the bike path into a cemetery.”

Chris Ireland

‘Bike path memorials can remain a good thing, with limits’