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Press Editorials

Statewide clean-needle programs an urgent health, fiscal need

Needle exchange programs are a nationally proven and accepted method of reducing blood-borne illness and health care costs. Drug addicts aren't deterred by having to reuse needles, but they are much more likely to become infected with HIV/AIDS or hepatitis.

N.J. needs to share wildlife convictions with other states

In the old days, when states didn't talk to each other much, people who broke a law and were sanctioned in one state sometimes had an easy fix available: take their bad behavior to another state. Those old days unfortunately still exist in New Jersey for violators of hunting and fishing laws.

State extends permits in Sandy-damaged counties just in time

State government, often slow to get things done, showed it could deliver on deadline at the end of last month. We journalists can appreciate that.

Better deal on taxes and transportation funds needed soon

This sounds familiar - Gov. Chris Christie reaches a bipartisan compromise with Democratic leaders on a major issue, only to have the deal blocked by other Democratic leaders. Last time it was on the fiscal rescue of Atlantic City. Now it's about increasing the gasoline tax to rescue the Transportation Trust Fund.

No reason to change form of A.C. government

When some new members joined Atlantic City Council at the beginning of the year, the political power shifted and it voted to make Marty Small its president instead of Frank Gilliam.

Time to reconsider diversifying Atlantic City's casino offerings

For nearly 40 years, everything about the Atlantic City gambling market has been big. Giant gaming companies built the largest hotels in New Jersey and operated vast casinos within them that generated several billion dollars a year in gambling revenue.

New drug treatment centers aim at two big goals

The completion last month of two new drug treatment centers - one in Pleasantville, one in Atlantic City - might seem equivalent to the arrival of a medium-sized business in the service sector. The units of the John Brooks Recovery Center are expected to be approved to start offering treatment this month.

Cumberland theaters could be start of successful run

The fates and fortunes of the Levoy and Landis theaters in Cumberland County have been a long-running drama, but there are encouraging signs that their next act will be more triumph than tragedy.

Welcome break for owners of older cars on emissions

As the jingle goes, sort of, what is more American than baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and ... old Chevrolets, Fords, Dodges, etc.?

There's a role for everyone in A.C.'s recovery

Atlantic City has a lot of problems that will take a lot of effort to solve.

Still waiting for reports to spur action on Barnegat Bay

With Barnegat Bay, even the good news can be bad.

Let the beat return to Wildwood beach with EDM concert

Let them dance.

Context of reports on childhood indicators shows path forward

On the face of it, the 2016 New Jersey Kids Count report out this month is worrisome, again.

Safe exchange zones needed to counter online-deal dangers

Once upon a time, people could privately sell or purchase items of value without making themselves vulnerable to criminals.

Legislature should override conditional veto of open-space bill

The overdue Trenton showdown on open-space funding is scheduled for tomorrow, June 27. It comes in the form of a state Senate vote to override Gov. Chris Christie's conditional veto of a bill to implement voter-mandated spending for preservation of natural, farm and historic areas.

Tech upgrades give A.C. Boardwalk the feel it needs

Lights, cameras, action ... and screens!

Public wants officials to try harder to keep the trees

New Jersey poet (and journalist) Joyce Kilmer once wrote that "only God can make a tree," but it can be cut down by just about any public official in the Garden State.

Reforms should help charter schools help N.J. children

Charter schools have developed innovative approaches to education that have reduced costs and given parents of at-risk students alternatives to the failing public schools of New Jersey inner cities.

ACY screening delays challenge operator, airline and passengers

The problems with security screening of passengers at Atlantic City International Airport became obvious in the spring.

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