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Press Editorials

Try the Downbeach jitneys, a trip to the past and future

The current trial extension of Atlantic City jitney service into Ventnor and Margate makes so much sense you might wonder why it wasn't done before.

Upstate legislator is his own rival for year's most foolish bill

Support seems to be lacking for Assemblyman Tim Eustace's proposed constitutional amendment to put slot machines at Atlantic City International Airport. We're not even sure of the depth of Eustace's support.

N.J. moves on daily fantasy, maybe toward sports betting

The state is moving toward making daily fantasy sports games legal and regulated under state law, which could put New Jersey on the ground floor of this emerging multibillion-dollar industry.

Here's to letting people carry drinks on A.C. Boardwalk

Atlantic City was once known as the place where alcohol flowed freely despite Prohibition.

Sheriff staff might ease squeeze on residents paying their high salaries

The recent dispute over increasing the already high salary of Atlantic County's sheriff might be amusing to those living elsewhere.

New in the garden, a good choice for official state butterfly

We added a new butterfly to our life lists this week - the official state butterfly of New Jersey.

Solution to cart problem may already be rolling toward Middle

Stray shopping carts are a fact of retail life. They're a problem if they're so numerous they litter the community or undermine the businesses providing them.

Legislators still attack vaping as evidence of its usefulness mounts

State Sen. Joseph Vitale, D-Middlesex, has proposed new restrictions on vaping in his quest to turn the healthier alternative to smoking into something generating taxes for the government. As he did last year, he has pushed the new bill through the Senate health committee he chairs.

More participants is better for U.S. democracy

The nontraditional presidential candidacies of Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders have evoked many impassioned responses. They also have energized the American citizenry and resulted in much greater attention to and participation in the presidential campaigns and primaries.

Approve B.L. England conversion to help region, cut pollution

The company operating the B.L. England power plant in Beesleys Point needs one minor permit to proceed with switching the plant to much cleaner natural gas from coal and oil.

Reject Assembly limit on public's access to crime information

People have a strong interest in information about crime and with good reason: It helps them understand possible risks, the safety of communities, trends in society and more.

Interfaith service sets example of community for all people

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

Pleasantville tackling gun incidents, needs help of residents, technology

When the warmth of spring arrives, the residents of Pleasantville come outdoors. Teenagers socialize, adults walk places, children play all over. The city may have a struggling downtown, but its neighborhoods truly have the character suggested by the town's name.

Hope for Atlantic City is OK, but realistic determination better

Things were very good in Atlantic City in 1991 despite a national recession. The city's dozen casinos employed 42,000 and the resort's gambling revenue peak was still 15 years ahead. There was no competition in the East, only a plan by a tribe to open a casino in Connecticut.

With A.C. rescue law finally enacted, reorganizing city can begin

Ten weeks ago, we drafted an editorial congratulating the political parties on reaching a compromise to rescue and reorganize Atlantic City government.

As rabies season begins, keep safe by avoiding risky behaviors

Atlantic County has had four cases of animal rabies already this year, and the annual spread of this potentially fatal virus has only just begun. That makes it likely this year will top the eight cases last year and makes this a good time to review the behaviors that typically put people and pets at risk of rabies.

Straub's Revel reality show still offering hope for a happy ending

The story of Glenn Straub's effort to repurpose and reopen the $2 billion Revel casino resort has dramatic tension - can he possibly overcome a still long list of obstacles and revive Atlantic City's enormous zombie property?

DEP pause in terrapin harvest insufficient; Senate needs to act

It's springtime and South Jersey's favorite turtle, the diamondback terrapin, will soon emerge from back bays and creeks to lay eggs in sand or soft earth above the tide line.

Cape May and Coast Guard show even perfect match can need help

The city of Cape May needs the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center there, that's for sure.

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