Well, this was a long time coming after a presidential campaign that seemed endless. But it's here - Election Day 2012. And New Jersey voters are facing a full ballot in addition to the choice for president.

There are races for U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, municipal races, two statewide public questions - and, for the first time, school board elections are being held in November.

That's a lot for voters to keep in their heads. You would be wise to study your sample ballot before heading to your polling place. You can even take it with you to speed up the voting process. That would help you and the people behind you in line.

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And, of course, problems created by Hurricane Sandy could also complicate the voting process this year. Getting to the polls may be difficult for some people. Some polling places may even lack power. But election officials are confident that no one will be denied the opportunity to cast his or her ballot.

"Any (polling place) that doesn't have power, we're gonna bring in generators. Either way, the election is gonna happen," Dennis Kobitz, president of the New Jersey Association of Election Officials, told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Some of you may have noticed that The Press did not endorse candidates in the races for president, Senate and the House this year. Like a growing number of newspapers, we have come to believe that these endorsements - particularly in federal races - serve little purpose.

We have no special knowledge about these federal candidates or the issues that is not easily available on the Internet to every voter. That was not always the case. But today it seems to us that it is presumptuous for a newspaper to be telling its readers whom to vote for in such races.

Engaged voters will study the candidates and the issues, make up their own minds and vote their consciences and their hearts. To help with that process, we offered the Senate and House candidates the opportunity to make their own cases in their own words on our Commentary page. (You can read those columns at pressofatlanticcity.com/opinion/commentary).

During this long campaign, we heard from a few partisans on both sides of America's great political divide who felt we were biased in favor of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. We take that as a sign that we must have gotten it right - we offered voters a plethora of readers' letters and columns from national writers for and against both presidential candidates.

And now it's your turn. Get out there and vote.

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