Sometimes an idea makes so much sense, you wonder why it hasn't already happened.

In this case, the idea is to have Woodbine high school students attend Middle Township High School in Cape May Court House instead of Millville High School.

Woodbine has applied to the state Department of Education to make the change, which would keep its students in Cape May County. While there is good reason for scrutiny over sending-receiving relationships, it's a shame that in this case the state couldn't quickly say, "Sure, go ahead."

The move has been discussed for decades, with many wondering who had the bright idea to send Woodbine students out of the county in the first place.

Woodbine Mayor William Pikolycky told Press staff writer Diane D'Amico that in the early 1900s, when Woodbine was a new Jewish settlement, Millville was the only district that would accept the town's Jewish students. He said Woodbine did have its own high school for a while, but that school closed after World War II and students returned to Millville.

There are forms to be filled out and paperwork to be filed, but at the end of the day this seems like an obvious decision.

Woodbine's superintendent, Lynda Anderson-Towns, said the plan would keep the district's high school students closer to home - it's 21 miles from Woodbine to Millville and just 11 miles to Middle Township.

Anderson-Towns said it best. "Middle Township really is just a better fit for our students. It's smaller, and closer."

Middle Township High School, which has seen its enrollment shrink, has about 900 students. Millville, struggling with overcrowding, has about 1,900 students in the Senior High School and Memorial High School.

The move would save Woodbine about $4,000 per student in tuition. It would also reduce transportation costs.

"It's not a lot of money, but it's a lot to us," Anderson-Towns said. Once all four grades are at Middle Township, the savings could approach $200,000 per year.

The closer location also means Woodbine students would have an easier time participating in sports and extracurricular activities.

All three districts support the move.

In fact, Middle Township High School staff members have already met with the potential students and are preparing preliminary schedules so they can make a smooth transitionl.

September is fast approaching. The state should move quickly so that students don't have to switch schools in the middle of a school year or - worse - wait another year for this change.

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