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I joined The Press in January 2014. Before that, I was executive editor at the Observer-Dispatch in Utica, NY. I’ve worked in newsrooms in many markets in my career, including NY, TX, GA, VA and NC. I have a master’s degree in journalism from Syracuse.

Each day, hundreds of press releases and messages arrive at The Press of Atlantic City newsroom, through the mail, email and phone. Most are from people who want us to cover events, print their letters to the editor or otherwise share their news or opinions.

We read each of those letters and answer those telephone calls. But, obviously, we can’t cover every concert, play, fundraiser, rally or sporting event in the area.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t care about your event or your opinion. There are many ways to get your information out to the public through Press platforms. Options include:

Calendars. If your event is open to the public, make sure it is listed in The Press calendar online. Go to pressofac.com/calendar, then click on “Submit an event.” You will need to create a login, which takes a few seconds. We pull events from the online calendar to use in our print calendars, so be sure to list your events here.

Hometown. This feature runs daily in the A section and includes briefs about events, student achievements, reunions, military recognitions and community awards. If you have an event we do not cover, please send us a photo, including the names of the people pictured and a short description. To submit, contact Lucia Drake at ldrake@pressofac.com or 609-272-7295.

Business news. Did you or a colleague win an award or get a big promotion? Tell readers about it. Go to pressofac.com, click on Money and “Submit your business news.” You can fill out the form, attach a photo, and send it in for inclusion online and in our printed Money section.

React Crew. Each week, we invite readers to react to the Eagles’ game by emailing us their opinions on game day. Selected reactions will appear in the print and online editions of The Press with the rest of our Eagles coverage. To be a part of the React Crew, email your name, hometown and phone number (for verification only) to: react@pressofac.com.

Letters to the editor. Have an opinion or concern about an issue? Share it. Criteria for submitting a letter are found on the Opinion page daily. Call or email Editorial Page Editor Kevin Post at 609-272-7250 or kpost@pressofac.com.

There also are things you can do to make sure your event or achievement gets attention when pitching stories to us:

• Send us complete information, including a contact name and number; date, time, cost and description of the event; location, and any other important details. (You’d be surprised how often we receive press releases that lack the date or location of an event.) If you have photos, include them, too.

• Is there is a strong photograph or video opportunity? It is more likely that editors will send a photographer to snap shots of people in action (children planting a garden, for example) rather than static photos of folks at a luncheon or podium.

• Be informed about your event. Why is it important? How does it impact the larger community? What makes it special? Does it deserve a listing, a brief, a photo or a full story?

• Contact us a couple of weeks in advance. We get a surprising number of calls about interesting events at the last minute, which reduces our ability to respond.

• Send news tips to newstips@pressofac.com. Send sports information to sports@pressofac.com. Call 609-272-7231 with news story ideas. And don’t be afraid to follow up. Technology (and human beings) are not foolproof.

• Use the paper as a guide. Each section lists the appropriate editors and their telephone numbers, every day in the newspaper. If you are still confused, call the editor listed.

And perhaps the best advice I could give: The tough decisions we make on a daily basis about how to best use our resources are not personal. If it were up to us, we would attend every event in South Jersey to offer a comprehensive look at life here. But we don’t have that luxury. Breaking news, bad timing or a newsroom outbreak of the flu can redirect our energies elsewhere.

So, if we do not make it to your next function, please know that it does not mean The Press doesn’t care about you or your children or your very worthy cause.

Keep talking to us about what you have coming up — and why it is important — so we can cover it at some point.

Kris Worrell is executive editor and vice president, news.

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