The last thing Atlantic City needs right now is art. It needs more family attractions to bring tourists in, and it seems area residents have a much better grasp of what to do than the so-called experts.

But most of all, Atlantic City needs to be made clean and safe.

That walk from Harrah's Resort to the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is scenic and attractive enough without art along the way - or it would be if you didn't have to wade through knee-high trash. It's disgusting, and it gets worse at the back of the Borgata where the taxi drivers are lined up. Their foam takeout boxes, cans, bottles, cups, paper wrappers, etc., are always overflowing the trash cans and blowing around the walkway, into the grassy area and then into the water.

Also, my husband and I have walked hundreds of miles on the Boardwalk, and late on many weekend mornings we have passed overflowing trash cans, beer bottles and cocktail glasses lining the front of the casinos, and billions of cigarette butts everywhere. Certainly by 11:30 a.m. or noon on a summer weekend the Boardwalk should be spotless. In New Orleans, they wash the streets and pick up the trash by 6 a.m.

Regarding safety, they have to get the bicyclists off the Boardwalk, at least during the summer. The cyclists ignore all rules regarding speed, wearing helmets and being off the Boardwalk by a specified time. They speed up behind walkers and yell "heads up" into the ears of people out for a stroll. We have witnessed several bike-pedestrian collisions.

The ambassadors are useless. We have observed many cyclists riding past 10 a.m., and the ambassadors watch them go by and do nothing. Better to fire them all and hire a few more police to keep the Boardwalk safe for everyone.

Then, the experts need to go to Myrtle Beach or some other family destination with a beach and look at what's bringing people there and copy that. We have enough casinos - too many, in fact.

Clean up the city, make it safe, bring in family attractions, and they will come.


Green Bank


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