Regarding the Nov. 6 letter from a Galloway Township resident, "Where was A.C. mayor when Sandy struck?"

It is amazing how often people from offshore communities have so much to say about Atlantic City's mayor. Nevertheless, here's the answer to his question.

As the flood waters began to rise, Mayor Lorenzo Langford was with his constituents at the All Wars Memorial Building. In fact, admirably, Langford was the last person out of the shelter when he boarded the National Guard rescue truck.

Before, during, and after the worst of the storm, I saw the mayor on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and then Piers Morgan; on MSNBC with Soledad O'Brien and then Matt Lauer; on "Today" with Al Roker; and on the regional ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates.

As an employee of the city of Atlantic City, I am proud to have a mayor and a boss who not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

The gentleman from Galloway would be better served to mind his own business and worry about his mayor. Most of us are quite content with ours.


Atlantic City