Every month, the N.J. Division of Gaming Enforcement issues a press release summarizing the previous month's official casino win statistics. Since late 2006 until January of this year, the DGE (or, previously, the Casino Control Commission) reported virtually every month in the release that the gaming win had "decreased," "declined" or "fell" compared to the same month in the previous year.

But starting with this year's February press release, those words suddenly disappeared from the DGE lexicon. Casino win numbers no longer decline, decrease or fall. Instead, they merely "change" or represent a "variance" from last year's numbers.

It appears someone in Trenton has decreed that those awful words about a "decrease," "decline" or "fall" must be avoided and replaced with statistically neutral words that won't allow anyone to quote an official press release saying casino win "decreased" for yet another month.

Kudos to the DGE spinmeisters. They have found a way to ensure that, at least directly from them, never is heard a discouraging word.


Egg Harbor Township