Regarding the two July 13 columns, "Proponents overstate value of wind power" by David A. Ridenour and "Wind-power subsidies will pay off for U.S." by Wayne Madsen:

Both columns were pretty much fact-free. Why not concentrate on the real-world example we have right here?

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority wind farm has been operating continuously since 2006 and in that time period has already saved Atlantic County taxpayers millions of dollars. These five wind turbines provide 70 percent of the power needed to run the ACUA's wastewater treatment plant.

At no cost to taxpayers, ACUA entered into a 20-year power-purchase agreement with Community Energy, which provides renewable energy at .079 cents per kilowatt hour. Yes, Community Energy got some subsidies, but the ACUA has an efficient, renewable-energy system that could last for 50 years.

Smart, targeted investment in renewable technology can reap a financial, environmental and ecotourism bonanza. Let's do the smart thing now and make this happen.


Trinity Solar Co.