It is time for the privately held Margate Bridge Co. to allow bicycles on its causeway and bridges.

Mile for mile, this toll road is one of the more expensive roadways in the country. The bridge owners should be able to provide this environmentally and recreationally worthwhile undertaking. All the publicly owned bridges in the county have addressed this need.

I really don't understand why bicycles are not allowed now. If the speed limit was reduced to 15-25 mph, with proper policing and signage, I believe that bicycles could safely negotiate the narrow causeway and bridges. The causeway would need only slight widening. I know that the expense would be considerable, but the general public does not seem to have any reservation about paying for the luxury of access to their homes or the beach.

Our politicos have neither the political will nor the know-how to eliminate this private, anachronistic, 19th century relic of poor governance.

I am sure that residents of Atlantic City, Ventnor and Longport are envious of our private causeway, but to their credit, their wide publicly owned bridges are safer and allow access for bicycles.