Regarding the push to attack Syria, why is the United States obsessed with waging war?

We have lingered in Iraq for more than a decade, becoming an army of occupation rather than an army of liberation. We all remember the phrase "Mission accomplished," which was so arrogantly spoken over a decade ago.

We have kept our armed forces in Afghanistan entirely too long.

We have spent billions of dollars on these wars when that money could have been better used to address more constructive domestic and international needs. We have lost many honorable men and women in our armed services and have precipitated the deaths of countless innocent civilians. The only beneficiaries have been the military contractors who have profited immensely.

I would like to ask our president why this civil war in Syria is any more pressing that the atrocious conflicts that have been raging for decades in Africa?

Where is the concern and support from Muslim nations, such as Saudi Arabia? Is the United States merely being pimped out to do their bidding?

The American public is weary of engaging in warfare when our objectives are so obfuscated. Even the chairman of the Joint Chiefs can't articulate the reasons for engaging in this operation.

Enough is enough, Mr. President. As the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, you should listen to reason and discount your bruised ego. You should reflect upon the admonition of Dwight Eisenhower, a distinguished military officer, who warned of the influence of the military-industrial complex.

The American public does not want another war, and for obvious reasons, we cannot afford one.


Ocean City