Thank you for the informative and poignant May 21 article, "Mentally ill children/The search for help is often in vain." My heart goes out to Mary Gabel and her quest to obtain help for her son. It is the story of many families in America that try to seek help for family members in need.

The article illustrates the inadequacy of our mental-health system.

Ironically, we have fundraisers for cancer, heart disease and other physical ailments and support research to eradicate them. But until we elevate mental-health issues to the same status as physical health issues, individuals like Christopher Gabel will continue to fall through the cracks in the system.

We need to right this terrible wrong, or we will continue to face the fallout, with mass murder like Aurora and Newtown as the extreme consequence.

On the other end of the spectrum, lives with great potential are being wasted every day due to a lack of help and resources. Mental-health support is severely lacking in South Jersey as well as most of the nation. Thank you for helping to raise awareness of this critical issue.


Rio Grande