Regarding the Dec. 10 letter, "Casinos missed chance in Sandy's aftermath," from a writer who said he did not hear of one casino reaching out to victims of Sandy or accommodating emergency workers:

I'm wondering what research the letter writer conducted to base his remarks on. Beginning with top management at the casino where I work, and down through department heads to individual shift managers and supervisors, steps were immediately taken to identify and reach out to those employees who had become victims of Sandy and to find ways in which to assist them.

Employees were personally contacted to determine their individual situations and needs and in may cases were given time off without loss of pay to recover and organize their affairs. Employees were asked their immediate needs for clothing and equipment, and donations of such items were organized. A monetary relief fund was also set up, initiated by a sizable donation from the company itself, and a system was put in place to make it easier for employees to contribute, either with cash or through a paycheck deduction.

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As for Federal Emergency Management Agency employees and other relief workers having to stay at hotels other than the casinos? I wonder then who were all those people who stayed in rooms at our hotel and had full 24-hour access to our employee cafeteria.

Of course, I can only speak of the casino where I work. But I'd like to think that others would also have taken some measures to assist their employees and accommodate relief workers.

Granted, the writer might not have heard of these measures. But any casino that would publicize such efforts would come off as attempting to generate favorable publicity at the expense of Sandy's victims.



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