I have been truly blessed because Atlantic City has been a part of my life for the past 20-plus years. It has brought our family together in so many ways.

Every year, my four children and now my six grandchildren have come from New Mexico, Connecticut, Washington State and Arizona to see us at our home here, to enjoy the different options we enjoy, and to renew our mutual love for each other.

My favorite activity is being at the beach with everyone. My wife's pleasure is to visit the casinos. I love jogging on the beach. Some of the many activities our family has shared either individually or collectively this year include the incredible concert at Caesars by the Doobie Brothers, the famous "wall of chocolate cake" from P.F. Chang's, the restaurants, pool and the Comedy Club at the Borgata, walking on the Boardwalk, the light show at Boardwalk Hall, the armed-forces parade and, of course, the airshow. As I write this, my grandchildren are getting ready to go to the rides at the Steel Pier.

I am going to be 72 this fall, and I cannot think of anything that has brought me more pleasure during these years than my time here in Atlantic City. I also think thanks should go to the people of Atlantic City. Thank you to everyone who makes our visit so great - the lifeguards and the machine operators who maintain the beach, the staffs at the casinos, the police, the elected officials and our multicultural and multiracial neighbors.



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