Those in attendance at the July 7 Americana concert by the Bay-Atlantic Symphony at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa had a real treat. Maestro Jed Gaylin led this professional group through pieces by Aaron Copeland, John Philip Sousa, Tchaikovsky and others.

From the opening note of our national anthem the crowd was on its feet and singing.

What a wonderful and inexpensive way to spend a Sunday afternoon in a venue where every seat has a fabulous view. The performers, as well as the audience, looked as though they were truly enjoying the entire event. Gaylin's personal introduction to each piece was both informative and welcomed by those in attendance. What a treat.

For those of you who missed this performance, there will be four more this summer by the Bay-Atlantic Symphony - all on Sunday afternoons at 5 p.m. at Borgata. We already have our tickets and look forward to these performances. No need to travel to be enthralled by fabulous, talented musicians. They are right here for you. We hope the word will spread and that future concerts will be even better attended.