Regarding the April 6 letter, "Beach smoking ban would be ridiculous":

The letter writer says "How about banning alcoholic beverages from the beach?"

Alcoholic beverages are already banned from South Jersey beaches, but the ban is very rarely enforced. There aren't enough lifeguards and police to enforce these laws.

That same manpower deficit would exist if smoking were banned. The difference is that other beachgoers would be the enforcers.

For the most part, alcohol use on the beach is tolerated as long as the consumer remains discreet and civil. Smoking, on the other hand, is an issue that irks and annoys many, and I foresee many an argument among "towel neighbors" escalating to a cell phone call to the police or a "citizen's arrest" of those who refuse to stop smoking.

They do not need to hire Class 1 butt police for the beaches. The ban will be enforced by cell phones and others on the beach.