Believe in A.C. - our firm does

Guests enjoy fireworks during the Feb. 28 inaugural ball honoring new Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian at Resorts Hotel and Casino.

Our vacation company just bought property in Atlantic City after renting office space for many years. We did this because we believe that Atlantic City is turning the corner to becoming a true resort destination.

Look at what we have to offer: Dining, boating, fishing, gambling, beach, Boardwalk, shopping, nightlife, sightseeing, golf, entertainment, amusements, spas, trade shows and conventions. No other destination has everything we have to offer and is surrounded by so many potential visitors just a half tank of gasoline away.

People will say we will never put all that good stuff to use because we cannot get out of our own way. That has been true in the past, but I see all that changing with the new mayor, the governor's steadfast commitment to Atlantic City and political support on both sides of the aisle. Behind that commitment is a determined group of individuals at the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, the Atlantic City Alliance and related tourism entities.

It has been a slow and painful evolution to transform what did not work into something that will work and will transform Atlantic City into a gem of a resort for all to enjoy. But there have been indications we are heading in the right direction. Luxury-tax revenue is up, new airline service to Chicago and Boston, recognition of Atlantic City as a golf destination, Bass Pro Shops opening in 2015 and improving retail sales.

We invested in property because we believe in the future of Atlantic City as a world-class resort. People of vision in government and at organizations like the CRDA and the ACA are dedicated to making this happen. Corporations have invested millions to create a tremendously fun vacation experience in Atlantic City.

If Atlantic City is known for something other than casinos, it's that we always reinvent ourselves into something better than we were before. I believe we are going to do that again. Maybe it's time for you to believe, too.


Managing Partner

Atlantic City

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