Regarding the Aug. 22 letter, "Baseball is already slow enough":

The 47th annual Bridgeton Invitational Tournament recently completed another successful baseball tournament held nightly from July 26 to Aug. 12 on Alden Field in Bridgeton. The unique thing about our tournament is that we use "speed up" rules regulated by the use of a clock. Most of our double-headers - two games - are completed in about 3 hours. Our rules have been used successfully since the tournament's inception in 1967.

This year, ten teams competed. Two teams from the Maryland were in the championship game. The Cecil County Braves defeated the Susquehanna Assault ( winner in 2012) by a score of 3-2 in this semi-professional baseball team format. Current and former Phillies and Eagles, as well as several other guests, made appearances nightly, including the popular Phillie Phanatic. Funds raised by the event are distributed to youth-oriented organizations in the greater Bridgeton area.

The designated hitter rule, used by the American League, originated at the Bridgeton tournament when Monte Irvin of Major League Baseball's Commissioner's Office was in attendance in 1969. Our rules have been revised over time.

A letter of invitation was recently sent to the MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, asking the Replay Committee, including Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa and John Schuerholz, to consider reviewing our tournament's rules, including the use of a clock, in their discussions about the time necessary to play baseball.

Football, basketball, hockey and soccer all use a clock. Why should professional baseball be exempt?



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