Build bridge-tunnel

across Delaware Bay

Regarding the Feb. 21 story, "Leaner ferry looks to next generation":

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry is at a crossroads after operating at a loss for 50 years and 10 years of declining ridership. The Delaware River & Bay Authority has decided to concentrate on improving the customer experience and to promote tourism venues on both sides of the Delaware Bay. It is also seeking proposals for new vessel designs and plans to upgrade existing vessels in an effort to boost ridership.

However, these efforts are a waste of taxpayer money and delusional because the authority is not addressing the root problem - the expensive ferry prices, the time-consuming trip and the lack of 24-hour accessibility.

In order to boost the economy on both sides of the Delaware Bay, we need to build a Delaware Bay bridge-tunnel from Fortescue to Kitts Hummock, Del. The building of this tunnel crossing should be a national priority. The crossing will provide an alternate route and bypass for Interstate 95 in the corridor from New York to Washington where the majority of congestion occurs.

The building of the bridge-tunnel would be a massive public works project that would bring badly needed economic stimulus to South Jersey in the form of good-quality, high-paying jobs.

There needs to be a bipartisan effort by state, county, and local leaders to pressure the federal government to build the bridge tunnel across the Delaware Bay.

If not, what are their plans to revive our failing South Jersey economy? I would like to know.


Egg Harbor Township

We need to attract

year-round employers

This is not New York. This is not Philadelphia. Well, maybe for three months it is. But three months is not enough for the Atlantic County economy to survive.

The decline in casino revenue is only getting worse. I do not see a 10 percent turnaround in our hospitality industry. The area does not need more retail operations, chain restaurants or casino hotels. Atlantic County needs another economic engine.

We need businesses that can generate between 2,000 and 4,000 more year-round jobs paying at least $15 an hour to start. This will inject millions into the local economy.

We can no longer depend on casinos. We need businesses that can produce products that would be sold thoughout the country, independent of the weather or the tourism/convention industry. Today's communications systems are faster than ever. A corporation such as an insurance company or pharmaceutical company could be housed in Atlantic County instead of Philadelphia or North Jersey. We need to examine all prospects. The goose that laid the golden egg is exhausted.


Egg Harbor Township


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