Regarding the Dec. 12 letter, "Data show cameras make intersections safer":

This letter was written in response to a Press editorial that said red-light cameras are a bad idea.

The letter writer called these devices "safety cameras." A better description would be "cha-ching" cameras.

The companies that run these contrivances are not motivated by safety, but profit. The safer they make an intersection, the less money the company earns - which runs counter to their capitalistic purposes.

There have been numerous accounts of these lights being mistimed, and these instances only come to light after some crusading individual with substantial time and perseverance proves his case.

Luckily for the red-light camera companies, these people are few and far between.

And even if such individuals win, hundreds of other citizens have already been bilked.

Just as the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing isn't hanging out with the flock to make new friends, the companies that run these cameras do not install them to ensure safety, and it has been proven that they will mistime the lights to guarantee profits.


Cape May Court House


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