To all those who have expressed their displeasure over Gov. Chris Christie's supposed "support" of President Barack Obama during the Hurricane Sandy crisis, you need to get a grip.

I am not an Obama supporter, but instead of abandoning reality and reason in the name of supporting the party, we need to call it like we see it.

New Jersey was hit hard by this storm and it has a long road to recovery. Obama suspended his campaign efforts to visit a state he knew he would most likely win and, therefore, had nothing to gain by catering to. He offered to cut the red tape to expedite the relief efforts. In other words, he did his job.

I question what he could have done better. Christie acted in the best interest of the state and its suffering residents by showing his gratitude and accepting the help.

Anyone who suggests that Christie's praise of the president is what cost Mitt Romney the election in New Jersey is being ridiculous. New Jersey has not voted for a Republican president since 1988. I don't think anyone was expecting this to be the year.

Obama won the state by a good margin and I don't think the few people who may have tipped toward him because of his handling of this crisis made one bit of difference. I think the president handled this crisis well, but that doesn't mean I voted for him. Christie was just telling it like it was, and he did the right thing.


Egg Harbor Township


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