Gov. Chris Christie has bluntly stated that he doesn't want his name "anywhere near something that stupid" in regard to the proposed law that would require dogs to be restrained while riding in vehicles. What exactly is "stupid" about keeping people safe on the road?

The fact is, this is not an issue solely about the welfare of animals. Unrestrained pets in cars can pose a huge distraction to their human drivers, just as talking and texting on cell phones are also driver distractions that can result in serious accidents.

A dog sitting in a driver's lap may be cute, but it sure isn't safe. As much as I love pets, I don't want to be on the receiving end of an accident caused by some knuckleheaded driver who is navigating the road with an excited dog jumping around in the back seat.

Part of being a responsible pet owner is not just ensuring that your pet is safe, but that you and your pet are not posing a safety risk to others. This proposal deserves to be taken a bit more seriously.


Cape May Court House