NFL refs take priority

over everything else?

We can't pave the roads in Atlantic City or provide the youth in our area enough hope and leadership so they stop shooting each other. We can't lower our property taxes or reduce our insurance rates. We can't wipe out hunger or poverty in our own country (yet we send money overseas to try and do just that). We call each other names during political campaigns and won't work together to fix the economy. And no one is helping my wife and me send two kids to college.

But have replacement referees make three weeks of bad calls in NFL games, and - like magic - the regular refs are back to work and the lockout is over. No wonder tickets are $175 each.


Galloway Township

Social problems linger,

but we fixed NFL refs issue

I was extremely surprised to see how fast the politicians and leaders of this country reacted to the NFL referee problem. Now if only these same leaders could apply that attitude to real social concerns - such as gun violence and gun control, home foreclosures, unemployment, etc. - I am sure we would have a more unified country.

However, I am not surprised at the lack of resolve to address these social concerns because teamwork and unity are not the game rules for the political football field.


Barnegat Light

People more concerned

with NFL than Congress

If you wonder why this country is in the shape it's in, just look at what is important to the people - a referee's call in a football game, of all things.

The NFL received thousands of tweets expressing outrage over the call in the Green Bay Packers/Seattle Seahawks game and over the lack of "real" refs. Maybe if those people had shown the same concern and outrage when Congress pulled some of the shenanigans it did, this country would be in better shape.

Congress failed to act to prevent the lowering of the U.S. credit rating. It has failed to pass several tax-cut extensions due to expire Jan. 1, 2013. There's a nice tax hike waiting for you. Is anybody paying attention to that?

I will give the NFL one point - it apologized for what went down. I'm still waiting for Congress to apologize for caring more about political parties than the people. You might want to remember that when you vote.