Regarding the Jan. 26 story, "Linwood plans $1.8M buffer behind Cornerstone":

Linwood City Council members constantly profess that they hold the line on property taxes for their residents. But now they are splurging on one of the most glaring examples of wasteful taxpayer-supported public spending - the acquisition of a wooded part of the Cornerstone property under the unbelievable guise of providing an extension of the bike path.

Residents who live adjacent to these woods requested that City Council acquire this property to prevent any future development, which happens to maintain their view at no cost to them. Cornerstone, which The Press recently reported was entering into bankruptcy, apparently wants to sell this property for a staggering $1.8 million. On the surface, it would appear that Cornerstone does not have the finances to develop this piece of property even if it wanted to.

Additionally, anyone who believes that those riding their bikes or walking on the existing bike path would exit onto Monroe Avenue, then cross Route 9, only to bike or walk around a two-story building and return to the original bike path must also believe in fairy tales.

A blind man can see this for what it is - corporate welfare and helping a special interest.

I call on County Executive Dennis Levinson, the county freeholders and Gov. Chris Christie to do what they promised to do when elected - spend public money only on projects that serve a real and necessary public purpose for the majority of county and state residents and reject this boondoggle.