The new causeway between Somers Point and Ocean City is beautiful, and I enjoyed walking on it when Route 52 was first opened. Now that has changed.

In August there were three accidents between bicyclists and walkers - two of which I witnessed - when ambulances were necessary to assist the injured. I wonder how many accidents occurred in July. I recently called the Ocean City Police Department to see if they were aware of any of the accidents. They said they were not, and it was then that I realized the ambulances had come from Somers Point.

The problem, as I and others see it, is there are too many high-end racing bikes going too fast on the walkways of the bridges. When these cyclists are directed by walkers to ride on the street path provided for them, they become indignant and rude. You would think they would at least slow down and say, "Passing on your left," which is the riding rule. A few do this, but most do not.

I have asked many people how they feel while walking on the bridges. Their replies range from "scared" to "I'm always looking over my shoulder" or "something has to be done before someone gets killed."

Politicians in Somers Point and Ocean City need to meet and come up with a viable solution to the problem. One solution could be having different days for cyclists and walkers. Another idea might be to restrict the use of racing bikes on the walking part of the bridge and make it mandatory to use the bike lanes provided. Something has to be done for the safety of the walkers and the cyclists.


Somers Point


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