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in debate on BYOB

Regarding BYOB in Ocean City:

There has been a lot of talk about Ocean City's founders and what they wanted. If I'm not mistaken, our nation's founding fathers fought and died for this country so we could have freedom of speech, separation of church and state and a democratic process. I find it very disturbing that I live in a community where people will intimidate others trying to exercise their constitutional rights.

I completely respect a person who is opposed to BYOB, and they have a constitutional right to voice their opinions. However, I do have a problem with people who are misinformed and believe people will be walking down the Boardwalk with a six pack of beer.

The restaurants that serve hoagies and pizza do not want BYOB because they need fast turnover. The proposal is for restaurants that want to offer more than pizza. There are several restaurants that want to raise the culinary bar and provide more of a dining experience. Please read the petition and get all the facts before making a judgment.


Ocean City

O.C. would benefit

if BYOB was allowed

People should agree to disagree, not just foist their opinion on others. I'm of the opinion that BYOB would be good for Ocean City. It would keep a lot of traffic from leaving our great city every day to go across the bridge to Somers Point because some people feel the need to have a glass of wine with dinner. Those same people must drive back into the city, perhaps after they have had a bit more than they should.

The police already stop people from drinking on the streets, so that shouldn't be a problem. And it's rather hypocritical to pretend no one drinks in Ocean City when Circle Liquor delivers in the city several times a day. I remember when so many were against shops opening on Sundays, saying it would "ruin the town," etc. Most everyone agrees it has only helped the town to thrive.

Not one of us ever would want to see bars in Ocean City, and none of us wishes to see the city be less than the wonderful place it is. But BYOB would only help to keep our visitors happier.


Ocean City

O.C.'s downtown

needs revitalization

It is time for the city to open its eyes to the fact that the downtown area is broken and composed of cheesy nail salons, gyms and dollar stores.

Restaurants are the first step to revitalizing a city to bring people back. Haddonfield and Collingswood did it, and both have vibrant shopping districts with great restaurants, which have become destinations.

What other resort downtown do you know of besides Ocean City that rolls up its sidewalks at 6 p.m. during the summer season and looks like a ghost town by dark?

I applaud Bill McGinnity for taking the lead on the BYOB issue and petitioning for a referendum for the people to decide.



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